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Groupon, Living Social THE GOOD NEWS!

Happy New Year!    Here is a special message for all Groupon, Living Social, DealSaver or Valley Daily Deal customers:
Ever let a coupon expire unused?  Feel like you don't want to buy anymore  because, like everyone else, you hate wasting money? 
HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:  Your prepaid coupons NEVER really expire.  Because you have paid money for them they are always worth what you paid for them.  Okay, so maybe the deal expires, like of you paid $50 for $100 in services or products.  BUT you are always legally entitled to services or products in the amount you paid.
I hear the bad news that some uninformed merchants and their personnel are not aware of the law regarding prepaid coupons and will actually refuse to honor the coupon.  Word to the wise if this happens:  simply contact the company from which you purchased the coupon.  They will refund your money. 
HERE IS THE EVEN BETTER NEWS:   At Katherine Maxwell Skin Care your prepaid coupon deal is always honored.  No expiration date!  Yay.
I look forward to being of service to you and yours in 2012!
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