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Balancing the PH of Your Skin Imperative for Clear, Youthful Skin

Maintaining the proper PH balance of the skin will result in clear, blemish free, and healthy skin.  The skin is naturally acidic -- running between 4.5 and 5.5 on the PH scale.  The PH scale is from 1 to 14.  Seven is neutral and below 7 is acidic.  Above 7 is alkaline.  
Improper use of skin care products or using the wrong products can result in an overly alkaline skin surface. The acidic environment on the skin is important to keep bacteria, fungi, and virsuses from growing on the skin.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation - New Technology Or Is It?

So the latest buzz around the beauty industry is microcurrent.   Microcurrent is a mild electric current that is the closest type of current to the life force that flows through living bodies.  It is called "micro" because the currents are measured in millions of an ampere, called "microamperes."  It is a safe, noninvasive treatment for the body and face.
BUT is it new?  The answer is NO.  Microcurrent has been around since the 1950's.  Why are you just learning about it now?

The Future of Injectibles?

Here's what's being developed with injectable skin fillers.  This article is from the "SF Gate" at this link: http://www.sfgate.com/style/article/Injectable-Aline-aims-to-smooth-wrinkles-3779870.php#ixzz25CaUeM41.  I am not currently a big fan of the concept of injectibles but when I saw this article I did sit up and take notice.  This is an interesting development and looks like a definite improvement over the current techniques.  Here is an except:

How To Get The Most Out of Your Next Wax Service

With warm weather fast upon us, we are all getting ready to bare more skin and that means  we get ready by waxing.   It’s also a natural fact that when the weather warms up, our hair grows faster and thicker.  Sounds counterintuitive, right?  You would expect your hair would grow thicker in the winter when your body needs more hair to keep warm and not in the summer when you need far less hair.  But when the weather is warm your blood flows easier, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles, which helps hair grow.


What's New in Skin Care: Fruit Stem Cells

Okay, I promised that you wouldn't need to resort to Botox.  Here's why:
The scientists are working wonders with stem cell research.  And not the dead baby kind!  The good kind using fruit. 
The Swiss have been successful with apple stem cells.  Seems they took a plug of human skin, which contained stem cells along with other cells, and put it in the petrie dish with apple stem cells.
NO, it didn't mutate into a human apple!  What happened was that the apple stem cells jump started the human skin cells into reproducing quickly and healthily!

Botox for 20 & 30-somethings? NO WAY!

The latest trend in the beauty industry for medical professionals is to convince women in the 20's and 30's that they should start Botox now as a preventative measure against aging.
That is hooey (IMHO).  Botox is a desparate, last-ditch method for women who are already into the aging process, for whom fillers and face lifts are the only recourse for serious improvement.  This includes women who never cared for their skin when they were younger either from lack of caring or lack of knowledge or both.

Groupon, Living Social THE GOOD NEWS!

Happy New Year!    Here is a special message for all Groupon, Living Social, DealSaver or Valley Daily Deal customers:
Ever let a coupon expire unused?  Feel like you don't want to buy anymore  because, like everyone else, you hate wasting money? 
HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:  Your prepaid coupons NEVER really expire.  Because you have paid money for them they are always worth what you paid for them.  Okay, so maybe the deal expires, like of you paid $50 for $100 in services or products.
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